Hotcars: Here Are The Top Car Models Owned By Accident-Prone Drivers In The US

Hotcars website published data from Insurify listing the top car models owned by accident prone drivers in the United States. Kia Stinger owners ranked statistically second-worst with a 15.75% proportion of drivers having an “at fault” accident on their insurance record in the past seven years. The national average for other makes/models for at fault drivers was 10.78%.

The car of choice for the greatest proportion of accident prone drivers was the Scion FR-S at 15.87%. Just behind the Kia Stinger was Subaru WRX at 15.44%.

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In related news, Insurify also published the car models whose owners had the most speeding tickets in their past. Hyundai Genesis came in second. Kia Stinger came in third.