Forbes: Will GEICO Pay $5.2M To Woman With HPV STI After Car Sex?

Who knew you could file an insurance claim for a sexually transmitted disease? Apparently you can.

Forbes website reports, “… she claimed that she had gotten this sexually transmitted infection (STI) from a human partner in the car and not from the car itself.”

“The Jackson County Circuit Court had awarded this woman, a resident of Jackson County, Missouri, a $5.2 million settlement that GEICO, the car insurance company, may have to pay. And recently the Missouri Court of Appeals has upheld this settlement ruling.”

“In November 2017, the woman, referred to in court documents as M.O., got together with M.B., who owned a 2014 Hyundai Genesis. That car served as the genesis to what happened next. Over the ensuing several weeks, they proceeded to have sex on multiple occasions in the car. The sex included having unprotected sex, meaning without barrier protections such as condoms and not without car insurance. M.B. did in fact have two GEICO insurance policies: a Kansas Family Automobile Insurance Policy listing the Hyundai Genesis and an umbrella policy. As I wrote previously, the umbrella policy was personal liability insurance that was supposed to cover any claims beyond those covered by his auto insurance and was not insurance specifically for lost umbrellas.”

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