Consumer Reports: Rear Seat Safety

Consumer Reports published their findings regarding rear seat safety on 35 popular vehicles. “Our new Rear-Seat Safety Score is designed for occupants of all ages, and is based on the results of our child safety tests as well as the presence of key safety technology that helps protect both adults and kids. As we collect more data, our ratings will expand to include more vehicles.”

Some of the Korean brands did not fair well compared to the competition. “One notable outlier is the Genesis brand. Although the GV70 SUV features a first-of-its-kind radar-based rear occupant alert, all of the brand’s vehicles lag behind their peers when it comes to rear occupant protection. For example, no Genesis sedan or SUV has advanced rear restraints. Other family-friendly vehicles that scored poorly include the Jeep Grand Cherokee L, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Hyundai Tucson SUVs, and the Kia Carnival minivan. None of these newly redesigned vehicles have advanced rear restraint systems, nor do they have rear belt minders…”

2021 Kia’s K5 and Sorento and Genesis GV80 scored “good” in rear seat safety relative to other brands and models. Hyundai Santa Fe, Elantra and Ioniq, Kia Seltos and Genesis G80 scored “fair” for 2021 models. 2022 Kia Carnival, Genesis GV70, Hyundai Tucson and Santa Cruz also all scored “fair.”

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