CNET Roadshow: Hyundai debuts wild 670-hp hydrogen plug-in hybrid performance concept

CNET Roadshow website reports, “Hyundai grabbed my attention, however, when it rolled out the Vision FK concept, a 670-horsepower fuel cell plug-in hybrid sports car. As best as I can tell through the digital camouflage, the Vision FK looks a lot like a mid-engined, PHEV version of Kia’s Stinger — the proportions and roofline are almost bang-on. However, there’s an intake of sorts where the rear doors should be and the wheel arches, particularly the rears, feature wide body flares. Underneath the sheet metal is a 500-kilowatt dual-motor powertrain — around 670 horsepower — built in partnership with electric performance startup Rimac Automobili. Hyundai invested around $90 million in Rimac just a few years ago, so the two are pretty tight. With a motor for each rear wheel, the Vision FK is capable of torque vectoring around corners and through drifts. Put the power down right and this car is said to sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in under 4 seconds.”

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