AutoEvolution: Hyundai Recalls All Ioniq 5 Vehicles Sold in the United States To Fix a Software Issue

AutoEvolution website has posted an article stating, “As for the Ioniq 5, the South Korean model has been recalled to the tune of 10,729 vehicles produced from October 4th, 2021 through April 26th, 2022. These zero-emission crossovers feature a shift-by-wire system with a shifter control unit and electronic parking pawl actuator. If a voltage fluctuation

Sam CarLegion: 2022 Hyundai Elantra N DCT vs 2022 Kia Stinger GT, shocking result. Drag and Roll Race

Hyundai Motor Group has a new performance sedan under its tent. First there was the Stinger GT, Kia’s performance sedan “halo car.” Then there was Genesis’ G70, sharing the Stinger’s powertrain but shortening the wheelbase and cargo areas to create a somewhat more nimble and luxurious up-market alternative to the Kia. But what about Hyundai?

Autocar: I know you got Soul: how Peter Schreyer made Kia cool

Autocar Awards 2022: Lifetime Achievement Award winner Peter Schreyer’s portfolio represents the gold standard of automotive design success On, when highlighting articles published by various automotive websites we generally try to encapsulate the essence of the piece by quoting just one or two paragraphs giving our members a taste of what the article offers,