CarScoops: Kia To Launch Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles For The Military Before First Passenger FCEV Appears In 2028

Carscoops website reports, “During the “Hydrogen Mobility Show” in South Korea, Song Ho-Sung, president and CEO of Kia Motors, told reporters that Kia will focus on using hydrogen technology for the military, before using it in passenger vehicles starting from 2028. He also revealed that the first hydrogen-powered Kia models will be “mainly multi-purpose vehicles”. Our Korean is not quite advanced but we guess he means SUVs and MPVs.”

“The military technology Kia’s CEO is talking about doesn’t only concern vehicles, but also hydrogen fuel-cell emergency generators. Kia is expected to gradually convert their whole range of military vehicles to FCEVs, starting from the smallest and lightest command vehicles and moving towards heavier trucks and weapon-equipped vehicles.”

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