Car&Driver: Presenting Car and Driver’s 2022 EV of the Year

“2022 EV of the Year” honors were bestowed on Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 from Car and Driver magazine. The website writes, “If you want to know why the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is our EV of the Year, just look at it.”

“The center console slides back 5.5 inches, so you could climb into either front seat from either side, should that need arise. You can also drive the car forward or back using the key fob, proving Hyundai’s commitment to squeezing into inadvisable parking spaces. The cruise control pays attention to how you drive, so it can try to emulate your style (alternately, it can be manually configured for “angry Boston guy rushing to buy Powerball tickets”). When you plug in, a disembodied voice booms “charging started” from somewhere beneath the car. You can turn that down, or off, but it’s fun to startle people at public chargers with your assertive talking car.”

“Hyundai’s 800-volt architecture and consequently rapid charging ability—a 350-kW charger can blast the larger of the two battery packs from a 10 to 80 percent state of charge in 18 minutes.”

“The Ioniq 5 feels like it’s rear-drive, happy to hang its tail out. Of its 320 total horsepower, 221 horses come from the rear motor and 99 from the front. In fact, when you’re not deep on the accelerator, the Ioniq is rear-wheel drive, as it’ll show you via the instrument-cluster drivetrain graphic that depicts real-time power delivery to the four contact patches. Traction and stability control are fully defeatable, usually a sign of a car that’s ready to party. This thing on winter tires, in a few inches of fresh powder, will be a riot.”

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