CarBuzz: There’s No Better Time To Buy A Kia Stinger

CarBuzz website has posted an article stating, “here’s more evidence to suggest the Stinger isn’t long for this world. Kia is offering hefty discounts on the 2023 Stinger before it’s even been released. A dealer bulletin shows a discount of up to $2,800 is available, along with appealing financing and lease deals.”

“Kia could want to shift inventory quickly, explaining the significant discount on an already palatable price tag. As a reminder, the 2022 Stinger has a starting MSRP of $36,290 – not bad for an RWD sedan with 300 horsepower on tap. The Stinger is privy to different financing deals which vary according to the chosen payment term.”

“MY2023 units can be had with 1.9% APR for up to two years. More traditional payment schemes (60 and 72 months) are available at 2.75% and 3.75%, respectively. Buyers also have the choice of an 84-month finance plan at a far higher 4.75%.”

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