CarBuzz: Hyundai Has Genius Plan To Turn Plastic Waste Into Hydrogen

Carbuzz website reports, “The company recently announced a $1.1 billion investment in hydrogen in the form of two new fuel cell plants in South Korea. Hyundai currently only sells one hydrogen-powered car, the Nexo, but that will soon change, when the company launches the new HTWO fuel-cell sub-brand. With hydrogen on its mind, Hyundai engineers have announced that they will produce large quantities of the element using nothing but plastic waste.”

“As part of Hyundai’s conquest of all things hydrogen, the company will spend 400 billion won ($337 million) on a plant that converts plastic waste into high-purity hydrogen. Hyundai engineers accomplish this by using pyrolysis and gasification. Pyrolysis is the process of decomposing materials at high temperatures in an inert atmosphere where chemical compositions get transformed. In this case the plastic waste gets transformed into hydrogen gas. The hydrogen products will be used in hydrogen-LNG co-firing power generation, hydrogen fuel-cell power generation, and of course in the automotive industry for the company’s hydrogen-cell vehicles.”

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