Car and Driver: Genesis Tries a Dealership Model Approaching Customers as ‘Invited Guests,’ Not Buyers

Car and Driver website has posted, “The next stage in the future of Genesis begins at 6600 Johnston Street in Lafayette, Louisiana. That’s where the luxury automaker already known for exceeding expectations defied them, opening its first stand-alone dealership in the heart of French Louisiana. At Genesis of Lafayette, South Korean principles and luxuriance meet Cajun, zydeco, and pork skin fried pickles.”

“Ted Mengiste, the executive director of sales operations at Genesis Motor America, called the 12,000-square-foot, $3.6 million dealership “a physical representation of the brand.” The architectural style doesn’t have a name but embodies two principles: “the luxury of white space” and the Korean principle of son-nim, translated to us as “invited guest.””

“Simultaneously, Genesis is pruning the number of Hyundai dealers also selling Genesis. From a high of 325 Hyundai shops, there are just under 300 doing so now. The practice won’t stop completely, but Genesis’s intention is “mainly stand-alone.””

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