Autoevolution: Kia Recalls Certain Stinger Vehicles for Inaccurate Fuel Gauge Reading

Autoevolution website reports, “On June 23rd, the South Korean automaker’s North American division caught wind of customer complaints of inaccurate fuel gauge reading on the instrument cluster. After investigating the instrument cluster and fuel sending unit, Kia identified the root cause in the guise of a software error.”

“Continental Automotive Electronics of South Korea is the supplier of the iffy software, and Kia is aware of 16 warranty claims to date. Ten techline cases and three customer complaints also have to be highlighted, along with a grand total of 53 vehicles produced for the 2020 and 2021 model years.”

No mentioned is made in the article of years prior to 2020, however at least one Stung by Kia member has reported inaccurate fuel gauge readings on his 2018 Kia Stinger GT2 AWD and has reported such to his dealership.

The Autoevolution article goes on to state, “customers of recalled vehicles will be notified by first-class mail with instructions to bring their vehicles in for a fix on December 10th, three days after Kia intends to notify U.S. dealers of the issue. As expected, corrected software will ensure the fuel gauge accurately reflects the fuel in the tank.”