AutoEvolution: Genesis G70 to Receive Second Facelift for Model Year 2024, EV Coming in 2026

AutoEvolution website has posted, the G70 “… is due a redesign in May 2023 according to people in the known. The second facelift is understood to borrow a lot of styling influences from the G80 and G90, including the latest versions of the crest front grille and quad headlights.”

“Hyundai canceled the development of all-new internal combustion engines in early 2022, which leaves the second facelift with carryover powertrains. It isn’t currently known if the four- and six-cylinder lumps will receive 48-volt assistance in the guise of an electric supercharger.”

“First seen in the G90 luxobarge, the e-charger helps the 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 develop 409 ponies on full song. The unassisted six-cylinder engine produces 375 horsepower. In terms of peak torque, the crankshaft numbers are 405 and 391 pound-feet (i.e., 550 and 530 Nm).”

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