Autocar: The future of N: Hyundai N Vision 74 and RN22e driven

Autocar website has posted, “The retro-styled N Vision 74 is definitely the star of Hyundai’s ‘N Day’ at Bilster Berg in Germany, but it’s not the only highlight. In a demonstration of the company’s ability to push on multiple fronts when it comes to next-generation performance tech, we were also able to experience the RN22e, which comes pretty close to previewing the powertrain of the forthcoming Ioniq 5 N – and which, if anything, turns out to be slightly more exciting.”

Albert Biermann revealed the driveable demonstrator didn’t start life as a Hyundai, ““It’s a [Kia] Stinger,” he grins. “The design came much later – and the whole idea started with a different brand. It wasn’t an N thing at all, it was for the luxury brand [Genesis]. But then we said this is a lot of complicated stuff so we have to build a mecha-proto – that’s what we call a prototype built on an existing car – and then apply the new systems. We realised the Stinger was the closest in terms of size.””

“So while three prototype Stingers are still running about with the high-output fuel cell system, using the same stack as the existing Nexo SUV together with a 62.4kWh battery pack and two 335bhp electric motors, one for each rear wheel, this one now wears coupé bodywork.”

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