Watch – Hyundai Teases Interesting Hydrogen EV Sports Car website reports, “What makes Hyundai fascinating is that it’s got a foot in both camps in the debate of electric cars versus hydrogen cars. Along with all of its EV projects, which include the Ioniq line and the Kona Electric, it also produces the Nexo hydrogen fuel-cell SUV and the Xcient hydrogen truck.”

“Hyundai has confirmed that it will be hosting an online global forum event on September 7, called Hyundai Wave. The event “will showcase its outlook and blueprints for a future hydrogen society, including breakthrough hydrogen mobility ideas and technologies”.”

“Apart from showing several glorious close-up shots of a snail (because no teaser is complete without some kind of metaphor), the clip also profiles what appears to be a new Hyundai hydrogen fuel-cell sports car.”

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