Asian Petrolhead: All New Genesis G90 is here! Serious S-CLASS Fighter

The folks at Asian Petrolhead bring us along on a first look and test drive in the brand new Genesis G90.

“Today, we are attending the media test drive + Media launching even for the all new Genesis G90 here in Korea. This is the 2nd generation all new Genesis G90 designed and built from the scratch. This all new Genesis G90 has easy opening doors like Rolls Royce, multi-chamber air suspension like Mercedes S-class, and an active rear steering system just like a Porsche Panamera. As the powertrain goes the all new Genesis G90 is powered by 3.5 Twin Turbo V6 mated to 8-speed automatic and power is sent through all four wheels. We also had a chance to show you the 2nd row seats, drive the car and show you the exterior design. So, without any further due, let’s meet the all new Genesis G90.”